Sample YouTube Videos of Mirah Ammal

In conversion from original recording to lower resolution for YouTube, some quality is diminished. Small, subtle movements and expression may be lost, and audio-sync may be off in playback on some viewings. If you require a higher-quality recording sample or a sample of a different kind/style of dance, contact Mirah.

For additional videos of Mirah and Al-Bahira Dance Theater (including most recent uploads and more folkloric videos) visit or check out the following playlists:

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Quick Links to Samples:

Drum Solo #1   Raqs Sharqi-Msafer Wahdak   Drum Solo #2   Raks Sharki-Mergance  Raks Sharki 2007  Al-Bahira at Festival of Nations 2013  Shamadan  Isis Wings



Drum Solo #1

This improvisational drum solo was performed at the 2013 TC Raks! Dance Festival.




Raqs Sharqi - "Ya Msafer Wahdak"

Improvisational dance performed at Jerusalem's Restaurant, 2013.



Raks Sharki - Mergance

A raks sharki (women's solo improvisational dance performance) performed at Patrick's Cabaret Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota in November, 2008.




Drum Solo #2

This improvisational drum solo was performed in the fall 2008 hafla sponsored by Aalim School and Al-Bahira Dance Theater at the Aalim School's Inver-Grove Heights location.






Raks Sharki 2007

A raks sharki (women's solo improvisational dance performance). This was performed at a hafla in spring of 2007.




Al-Bahira Dance Theater - Festival of Nations 2013

Al-Bahira Dance Theater represents Egypt at the 2013 Festival of Nations at Roy Wilkens Auditorium. The performance features a zaffa with shamadan, a Saidi-style cane dance, and a drum solo with live percussion. Click the link or skip ahead to 3:17 in the embedded window. Choreography by Mirah Ammal.





Raks El-Shamadan

Mirah performs shamadan (candelabra dance). It's a little dark and difficult to see at the beginning as she enters through the audience in the darkened theater, but lighting improves once she reaches the stage.




"Awakening" --Isis wings theatrical fantasy piece with Al-Bahira Dance Theater

This piece will eventually be part of a full-length dance-play fairytale. It represents the scene in which we meet the dark and powerful djinniye and her sizzling fire spirit sisters. This performance was for the Guild of Oriental Dance in April 2008. Choreography by Mirah Ammal, with dancers Safia, Alicia, Ameera, Vega and Mirah. Videography by Linda Brown, costumes by Laurie Olson Williams and Pharonics of Egypt.














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